Trailmaker customer: Garantia clarified the development path for the coming years

Consistent implementation of the strategy and committed personnel enable Garantia to serve its customers in the best possible way. The path to implementing Garantia's strategy was defined in the Trailmaker process, and now Trailmaker Management View with milestones guides work throughout the organization.

Garantia, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taaleri Plc and part of the Taaleri Group, is a private non-life insurance company specialising in guaranty insurance and supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. As a continuation of the autumn 2019 strategy process, Trailmaker Management View was adopted in the company.

“In the Trailmaker process, our strategy became clearer and more concrete. We named milestones and concrete steps and functions that ensure the success of thestrategy”, says Titta Elomaa, CEO of Garantia.

Trailmaker has convinced both management and experts at Garantia. An illustrative and clear Management View combines tasks and a schedule, making implementation easy to track.

“A person is usually overly optimistic about the use of time. The Trailmaker Management View clearly shows what tasks need to be accomplished and whose task must proceed in order for a sub-goal to be achieved.”

Elomaa sees that Trailmaker has its place as a tool for the entire organization.

“Trailmaker has received good feedback also from the board of directors when we have reported on the progress of the strategy. For each of us in the organization, it is now transparent how our own work affects the progress of the strategy. After all, the strategy is about choices – what do we do and what we don’t do. With Trailmaker, we can all commit to the chosen goals”, says Elomaa.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for strategy execution and execution due diligence:

• Concretizes and tests strategy execution through all business functions

• Concretizes and tests resources and competences needed in execution

• Creates a common view between management and owners in three days

• Forms a solid strategic management practice


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