Trailmaker-customer: H&M, Fortum, Virala and RGE invested 5,1 M€ in textile technology

Finnish Infinited Fiber Company Oy (IFC for short) has gathered 5,1 M€ investment from H&M, Fortum, Virala and RGE. With Trailmaker, the management created a strategy aiming to globally commercialize fiber produced out of textile waste – and the required technology.

IFC has begun co-operation with multiple famous fashion brands such as H&M, VF Corporation (known for Lee and Wrangler), PVH (Hilfiger and Klein) and GAP. They are eagerly waiting to launch clothing collections made with the new material.

The fiber IFC developed is of high quality – and the feeling of the material resembles cotton.

”Looking at the market it’s safe to say we are out there the best time possible. Top-10 largest fashion brands in the world are interested in our fiber. They expect our technology to make large scale production possible”, says CEO of Infinited Fiber Company, Petri Alava.

IFC used Trailmaker process to update their strategy and to systematically go through all different business functions. What is more, they formed and strengthened a common view between the owners and management.

“Trailmaker is a great way to wrap up different strategic areas. The Management View tool for strategy follow-up seems promising – we can now keep track of the execution of crucial strategy steps”, says Chairman of the Board of IFC, Pertti Korhonen.

IFC CEO Petri Alava values Trailmaker’s ability to facilitate active conversation.

”Challenging our ways to work is part of the Trailmaker process. It is important for the sake of genuinely good conversation and for shared understanding”, CEO Petri Alava says.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for strategy execution and execution due diligence:

• Tests and concretizes strategy execution through all business functions

• Tests and concretizes resources and competencies needed in execution

• Creates a common view between management and owners in three days

• Forms a solid strategic management practice


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