Our principals and clients

Our principals are the leading investors and corporations.
Over 200 SME-companies as clients.
“Trailmaker's consistent facilitation process helped us identify the key drivers of our business and structure our existing thoughts and knowledge in a very short time."
"Trailmaker is not philosophical exercise, but a very concrete "to do"-plan. This plan tells us what and when we need to fix to make our strategic goals happen. Moreover, it helps us to plan how to finance our growth."
”Trailmaker enables key people to work together on a tight schedule. This is a big benefit for both large companies and small businesses.”
”We used Trailmaker in our due diligence-process and were convinced. Since then we have inspected several of our potential portfolio companies with Trailmaker concept, as it fits well into our processes."
Stora Enso
”Trailmaker-process helped our partner and us to align our strategic views. Negotiations about the future continue on this basis.”
Sponsor Capital
"Trailmaker's Management View tells clearly the progress of strategy execution. Deviations are easily seen, and can be reacted on time."
"The most valuable outcome of the process was that the management team’s understanding and alignment with the long term strategy increased considerably."
"We have shifted to global markets, and several of our investment companies are from North America. But we search early phase startups from all over the world, also from Finland, together with Trailmaker."
Metsä Group
"Collaboration between a large company and a startup is not always that straightforward. Trailmaker greatly helped us in finding a much needed common language."
Sentica Partners
"Trailmaker's support was exactly what we needed in a change process. Trailmaker's action was fast, practical and concrete. The concept made the board and operative key personnel to make choices about what we want to do and be."
”With Trailmaker we ensure a common view between board and management. The Management View is used both by the board and the management team.” "Trailmaker identifies strategic innovations for us and tests the companies beforehand."
"Very good process. Definitely worth doing."
Metsä Spring
Metsä Group's capital investment company
Vaaka Partners
“The tasks decided on the basis of a common view are clear and the execution has already started. Trailmaker’s concrete Management View is in active use. The first milestones are already turning green.” - Company in Vaaka's portfolio
Nordic Option
Made an investment in a portfolio company after the Trailmaker process
The English Tearoom
"The process was very comprehensive: we went through all business areas and possible bottlenecks were taken into account already beforehand. In addition we got the tool for monitoring the strategy execution."
"We use Trailmaker to improve the exit-readiness in our portfolio companies."
Aboa Venture
”With Trailmaker we monitor that agreed steps are done and we can maintain our focus despite diverse situations.” Chairman of the Board Paula Salastie
”Trailmaker-concept helped us sharpen our strategy. Digital management tool brings transparency in execution follow-up.”
”With Trailmaker we monitor that agreed steps are done and we can maintain our focus despite diverse situations.” Chairman of the Board Paula Salastie
"Trailmaker was essential in forming a common strategy and growth trail in our acquisition. It is important for success of the acquisition that both companies’ key people work together from the beginning."
Infinited Fiber Company
H&M's and Fortum Oyj's portfolio company
Metsä Group's capital investment company Metsä Spring's portfolio company
In Nordic Option's portfolio.
“The Trailmaker process is very efficient and pragmatic. We ensured a common view of what should be done right now. We also defined the critical factors in which we must succeed to be on the right track for the next two years."
“Trailmaker’s carefully planned process gives rhythm to important considerations together. It allows a systematic review of large entities such as customers, service offerings, sales and distribution. This enables us to implement the strategy effectively.”
Nordic Option Oy's portfolio company: "Trailmaker is a good concept to create strong common view. We do have the answers, but it is crucial to be asked the right questions, keep the execution path clear, and projects in schedule."
Co-operation company of Kuusakoski Oy. ”With Trailmaker we ensure a common view between board and management. The Management View is used both by the board and the management team.”
Subsidiary of PRT-Forest. "Concretizes the strategy and operations. When Trailmaker does "the homework" the quality stays high and the process stays in the schedule."
MBO From Oriola Oyj, in Taaleri Oyj's portfolio.
The process focuses to the core of business and sets aside irrelevancies. The Management View clarifies organization's goals: the management knows what to do and when.
"It is now transparent how our work affects the progress of the strategy. After all, the strategy is about choices – what do we do and what we don’t do. With Trailmaker, we can all commit to the chosen goals.”
Subsidiary of PRT-Forest.
Subsidiary of PRT-Forest.
"The whole Management Team was included in the strategy process, it was not just given from outside."
In Nordic Option's portfolio.
”Exceeded expectations.”
Goodmill Systems
In Innovestor's portfolio
”I have been involved with many processes, this was really good.” CEO Mikko Salmela
Spectral Imaging
In Nordic Option's portfolio.
Aalto Shipping
In Taaleri Oyj's portfolio.
In Sentica Partners' portfolio.
In Taaleri Oyj's and Pontos' portfolio
”Even though this debriefing of financial status is for the financier too, Trailmaker is done first and foremost for us.” CEO Vesa Malmberg
Naps Solar
RD Technology Center
"Clarifies well what a strategy and the execution means. Really takes things to the level of  concrete actions."
In ETR's portfolio
Duudsonit Activity Park
"All management teams should know how to do this, but without a good tool, strategic management is difficult."
Nordic Option's portfolio company.
Suomen Nettikirpputorit
”Is Trailmaker needed? — Creates management practice — most certainly it is! CEO Ossi Salo
”Brings focus as resources are limited. Management View is really clear, wow! Especially important tool in communication when the whole team is dispersed.”
Aalto Capital
”We have planned to launch management practise based on Management View.”
VTT Ventures
”Trailmaker outlines where to focus.” CEO Samuli Kortelainen
”Trailmaker created value by sharpening the strategic message to for example investors.”
Kuusamon Juusto
”Our financiers value the clear and precise communication of Trailmaker, and the progress of strategy excecution.”
”Positive and compact process.”
”Trailmaker's Logboog and Strategy Extract have been good tools in communication to both investors as well as to funding providers.” CEO Mervi Heinaro
”Our processes are now clarified, and we have a straightforward excecution pipeline. We were also able to make some painful decisions.” CEO Olli Tannerkoski
”Phasing the strategy facilitates defining the focus.”
”Trailmaker's extensive experience brought a lot of concreteness into our own strategy work.” CEO Susanna Rantanen
Hki Sustainability Center
”I'm really pleased with Trailmaker process. The result was exactly what was promised.” CEO Mika Aaltonen