Fortum: Recycling & Waste - Detoxification

Trailmaker-customer: Market leader Fortum’s Detoxification business is renewing and growing

Fortum’s Detoxification business aims for strong growth with a new, ambitious strategy. The Nordic market leader in hazardous waste treatment strengthens customer orientation and extends the potential of the circular economy with its strategy. The clarified business targets and the concrete implementation plan were created with Trailmaker.

The hazardous waste business at Fortum has grown steadily and profitably, and the Detoxification business unit wants to ensure the same good development in the years to come. Hazardous waste management is playing an increasingly important role in enabling the circular economy.

“With the new strategy, we are aiming for better customer understanding and closer cooperation with our customers. More and more waste streams from industry needsto be recycled and at the same time hazardous materials need to be removed from the cycle”, says Tero Svinhufvud, Head of Business Unit Detoxification at Fortum. 

Trailmaker ensures that the strategy is implemented on schedule

Fortum helps in planning, transports, analyses and treats hazardous waste according to each customer’s needs. Understanding customer outflows holistically and building new concepts that meet the customer needs are essential to success and growth. Fortum’s Detoxification business has been focused on capacity and optimization of existing business.

“Only a growing business can develop its operation and respond to the ever-changing market situation. In order to grow, we must go for something new”, Svinhufvud says.

The business unit used Trailmaker to assess future opportunities, set goals and build a concrete growth path. Trailmaker was known to be an excellent tool because it had been used in many projects at Fortum before. 

“Trailmaker's consistent facilitation process helped us identify the key drivers of our business and structure our existing thoughts and knowledge in a very short time."

"In the Trailmaker process we defined the milestones for the next five years – and each milestone has now a person in charge. Trailmaker is a very efficient and fast process that keeps things simple enough", says Jens Peter Rasmussen, Product Line Manager Denmark.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

- Concrete common view and commitment

- Identified capability needs

- Visibility