Timo Koponen is a senior international executive with multiple management positions across marine, general manufacturing and energy industries. He sees Trailmaker as an excellent concept for strategic projects, M&A and new business ventures.

According to his experience, best conditions for productive cooperation, results and decisions are created through open discussion.

The way how Trailmaker drives decision making and seeks to simplify even the most complex concepts also impressed Koponen.

“In strategic projects, time is money. With the help of Trailmaker, implementation can start immediately. The customer knows exactly what to expect from the project. The intensive process has been successfully carried out hundreds of times, proving that it works.”

Koponen's most recent position was in Wärtsilä’s Marine BusinessManagement Team.

A warm welcome to the team, Timo!




Christer Niemi has started at Trailmaker as a Senior Advisor. Niemi is an experienced business growth developer – he has helped growth companies to succeed for example as a board member in several Sentica’s portfolio companies. Niemi sees Trailmaker as a valuable long term partner for private equity companies.

Niemi got to know Trailmaker in client projects where he was involved in the role of the main owner. Trailmaker has secured success in growth companies in many different ways.

“Trailmaker's systematic process effectively manages change situations. The private equity investor is looking for a significant increase in value, and the Trailmaker concept is a great tool for ensuring profitable growth”, Niemi says.

According to Niemi, the biggest challenge for growth companies is putting the strategy into practice.

“Only a small percentage of strategies are implemented, let alone on schedule. In the worst case, no change will occur. The Trailmaker concept is a powerful tool in securing the implementation phase. At the same time it ensures that the executive management and the board supporting it have a broad common vision.”

The challenges facing growth companies are familiar to Niemi from many perspectives, as he has worked with growth companies in a variety of roles during his career, most recently as a partner at Sentica.

“Growth companies and entrepreneurs have always been very important to me. I’m enthusiastic about entrepreneurial stories – how the idea has started and how the company has moved forward”, Niemi says.

A warm welcome to the Trailmaker's team, Christer!




Top level finance and management professional Juhani Elomaa has been appointed as Trailmaker’s Senior Advisor. Elomaa has been the CEO of publicly listed asset management and financing corporation Taaleri Oyj. Currently he is the Vice Chairman of the Board at Taaleri Oyj. Elomaa is also one of the founding partners of Taaleri.

At first Elomaa became acquainted with Trailmaker in the role of a customer at Taaleri Oyj. He became convinced of the concept's feasibility as a strategy execution tool from its concretism and transparency.

“Corporate strategies are broad and large-scale, which means there is often a gap between planning and execution. Things become difficult when the focus is in both complex and simple things at the same time”, Elomaa says.

“With Trailmaker, companies can achieve a common view and ensure their strategy is concrete enough to be communicated to all their employees”, he states.

Juhani Elomaa has earlier worked as a member of Sampo Bank management team as well as head of Mandatum Private Banking. He is a Master of Social Sciences from University of Turku and eMBA.

We are looking forward to fruitful co-operation. A warm welcome to the Trailmaker's team, Juhani!




Trailmaker Oy grows, as two new Senior Executive Consultants, Kiuru Schalin and Thomas Enckell join the skilled team.

Kiuru Schalin has 20 years of experience from positions as CEO and board member, in both private and publicly listed companies. During her career she has worked in nine countries. Schalin enjoys grasping the big picture of complex situations. Her expertise ranges from executing strategic change and international business to mergers and acquisitions. She is active in multiple boards and representatives, such as Finnish Marine Industries, Helsinki Chamber of Commerce and Confederation of Finnish Industries.

Thomas Enckell
has previously been a part of Fiskars Group’s leadership team with responsibility for European operations and as president for the Functional EMEA business area. He has been responsible for transformation programs, acquisitions & divestments along with integration projects. Enckell is skilled in developing brand, channel and market entry strategies. He has been a management team member in publicly listed corporations and held board memberships in private family and capital investors’ portfolio companies.

“Our Senior Executive Consultant positions require profound knowledge and experience from managing both people and companies. We are extremely confident and happy about our new experienced talents”, states Trailmaker’s Managing Partner Heikki Manninen.