Vaaka Partners: Tietokeskus

Trailmaker customer: Vaaka Partners. Tietokeskus Finland Oy is stepping up its strategy

Tietokeskus is an IT services company operating in 10 cities in Finland and has an annual turnover of 116 M€. With Trailmaker, Tietokeskus has created a strong growth strategy and ensures its systematic implementation.

In 2016 Vaaka Partners became the majority owner of the company. Over the past three years, Tietokeskus has strengthened its management, launched a service business model for B2B customers and made several acquisitions.

"Tietokeskus has changed from selling PC’s to a nationwide IT outsourcing service provider, and the volume of business has tripled. We are still looking for growth in the services business", says Timo Hiltunen, Chairman of the Board.

"The IT industry is undergoing a major transformation. SMEs outsource their basic information technology and security needs, for example, so that they can succeed in their own businesses. We can help our customers focus on knowledge work and provide today's IT solutions for it", says Janne Lipiäinen, CEO.

Trailmaker process ensures that the strategy is put into practice

Trailmaker was used while refreshing the strategy at Tietokeskus: the strategy was clarified and needs for change identified. Clear and concrete tasks that are essential for strategy implementation were defined in the process.

In Lipiäinen's point of view, time is saved in reporting.

"Trailmaker's Management View makes reporting easy since the board can monitor the implementation of the strategy directly from the system. The Management View facilitates communication between the management team and the board which makes it a great tool", says Lipiäinen.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

- Concrete common view and commitment

- Identified capability needs

- Visibility