CapMan: JAY Solutions

Trailmaker customer: CapMan & JAY Solutions. Strategic change requires persistence

JAY Solutions is looking for strong growth. Success in implementing the strategy requires new operating model and consistent work. The execution of the jointly agreed strategy will be ensured with the help of Trailmaker.

CapMan acquired majority ownership in JAM Advisors Oy in 2019. JAM Advisors’ two businesses, wealth management and reporting, are now operated separately. JAY Solutions concentrates on technology-driven reporting, analytics and back office services across the financial services industry. 

Reporting business has been growing rapidly in the past years and JAY Solutions aims at continuing the fast growth.

 “We operate now as an independent company and that’s why we need a big mindset change. So far, we have focused mainly on back-office and support tasks. It is a new situation for us that we are completely responsible for running the entire business”, says Jani Laitinen, CEO of JAY Solutions.

From an engine room to a sales focused organization

Business needs to be made scalable – not everything can be customized.Growth goals also require new partnerships with asset managers, a new organizational structure and also internationalization.

“I see JAY Solutions changing from an engine room to a sales focused organization. We need to invest in sales and clarify our target customers and service offering: What we offer and to whom”, says Atte Rissanen, CapMan Director, Strategy and Business Development.

Rissanen and Laitinen say that change requires persistence, constant communication, discipline and a clear, scheduled plan. Trailmaker is used to ensure that the jointly developed strategy is consistently implemented.

“With Trailmaker, we make sure we stay focused and do the right things. Before we started with Trailmaker we had just made key recruitments, and the time was perfect to clarify the vision and the common view”, says Rissanen.

 The common view of execution and the concrete implementation path were formed in the Trailmaker process.

“Trailmaker has been really valuable to us. Everyone has a lot to do, so the Trailmaker process helped us use time as efficiently as possible. The process is effectively guided. We got clear milestones and tasks for the near future and the lighthouses for a longer-term game. This strategy execution trail guides us to implement the jointly agreed plans”, says Laitinen.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility