TRAILMAKER is a concept for efficient strategy execution and execution due diligence.

•  Concretizes and tests strategy execution through all business functions
•  Concretizes and tests resources and competencies needed in execution
•  Forms a common view between management and owners in three days

Our principals are leading corporations and capital investors including Fortum, Stora Enso, Metsä Group, Neste, Taaleri, Capman, Sponsor Capital, Vaaka Partners and Sentica Partners.

Less than 10% of strategies become reality in planned time. Trailmaker is designed for faster strategy execution. Our principals use Trailmaker to ensure results from corporate and business unit strategies, acquisitions, new businesses and technology cooperation. 

There are four typical situations in which Trailmaker is used: 

1.     Strategy execution: Efficient execution of strategy or strategic project
2.     Acquisitions: Execution Due Diligence and fast integration of acquired company
3.     New businesses: Planning, validation and launch of business
4.     Technology cooperation: Fast results from partnerships and alliances

Trailmaker is practical, cost effective and doesn’t require management’s time unnecessarily.  


Contact our team:

Trailmaker’s team has vast experience in strategy execution, acquisitions, business development and internationalization. All team members have made a career in top management positions.

Heikki Manninen, Managing Partner / +358 50 598 9566
Tiia Korte, Partner & Business Director / +358 400 407 483
Thomas Enckell, Senior Executive Consultant / +358 40 503 8464
Kiuru Schalin, Senior Executive Consultant / +358 40 513 8587
Kari Moisiola, Senior Executive Consultant / +358 50 388 3853
Mika Rytky, Senior Executive Consultant – Oulu, Finland / +358 40 757 6665
Tero Kosonen, Senior Executive Consultant – China / +86 135 0187 6793
Juhani Elomaa, Senior Advisor / +358 40 778 9020
Matti Tikkakoski, Senior Advisor / +358 50 2582