Trailmaker-customer: Sponsor Capital - StaffPoint corporation strives for growth, profitability and customer satisfaction

Sponsor Capital bought the majority of StaffPoint corporation at the end of 2017. Short-term employment is becoming more common, and StaffPoint is one of the biggest corporations in the field of talent management services. With Trailmaker, the StaffPoint management created a strategy which returns the corporation to a growth path.

StaffPoint offers agency work, talent recruitment, outsourcing and workforce services as well as executive search for private and public sector. The corporation’s offices are located in Finland, Spain and Estonia. Last year StaffPoint reached a turnover of 127 million euros.

”We have gained vast experience in offering talent management services. Our good reputation and high customer satisfaction are form a great base for growth. We look at the labour markets and create versatile solutions to the talent shortage together with our customers”, says Anu Ahokas, the StaffPoint CEO.  

Alongside with Sponsor Capital, StaffPoint acquired new strength and knowledge. The owners and management are looking forward to raising the efficiency and profitability to a new, even better level.

The growth requires changing the corporate culture, emphasizing strong growth orientation as well as increasing efficiency. Especially leading practices will be reflected through the cultural change.

Together, the management of Sponsor Capital and StaffPoint created a three-step strategy which formed a common view about goals and focus areas.

”Trailmaker concept helped us sharpen our strategy. According to our experiences, the digital management tool is very useful - we use it to divide our strategy to smaller projects. This brings transparency to the change management and makes it easier to communicate about the changes. We have a passion for growth - and serving both our customers and employees. We want to be the pioneer at talent management”, says StaffPoint’s Anu Ahokas.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Designed for top and executing management 

• Forms concrete common view and commitment to execution

Tests execution capability

• Brings transparency