Trailmaker customer: CapMan and Telia owned company Valokuitunen aims for rapid growth

Valokuitunen, founded jointly by Telia and CapMan Infra in April 2020, aims for strong growth. The business which was previously operated as part of Telia, focuses on building optical fiber networks in Finland. Implementation path for the rapid growth strategy was built in the Trailmaker process.

Valokuitunen aims to be one of the largest fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network owners and operators in Finland and accelerates the roll-out of fibre infrastructure. Kenneth Hedman, CEO of Valokuitunen, emphasizes the importance of optical fiber as a basis for high-quality telecommunications.

“All data connections travel mostly along the fiber-optic cable. Reliable and fast network connections are a core foundation for modern society. For this reason, CapMan and Telia decided to establish its own, independent company for fiber optic construction.”

Trailmaker structured the strategy into concrete tasks

The optical fiber market in Finland offers an opportunity for growth, but success requires quick decision-making and investments. The business was started at Telia already five years ago, so Valokuitunen had a good starting point for building the strategy. With the help of Trailmaker, the strategy concretized into clear tasks.

“We already had guidelines in place. In the Trailmaker process, we were able to put all thoughts and ideas on the table. In joint sessions between management and the board, we formed a clear plan for how to achieve our goals”, says Hedman.

“First, Trailmaker made us think about the order of priority and secondly make sure things go as planned. Of course, not everything can be done during the first quarter”, Hedman continues.

Trailmaker showed its strength in Valokuitunen – it wasn’t a heavy, months-long strategy process.

“It was a huge benefit that an outsider stepped in and led us through this process. There was no way we ourselves could have gone through such a process in three, four weeks.”

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility