Trailmaker customer: Valtti grows with the help of Adelis Equity Partners

Valtti offers comprehensive IT solutions to small and medium sized enterprises. The company aims at tripling its turnover from the current 30 million € within the next strategic period. To support the growth, Adelis Equity Partners became a majority owner of Valtti in 2019. Valtti utilized Trailmaker in building a concrete strategy implementation path for the coming years.

With the help of Adelis Equity Partners, Valtti has invested heavily in its service portfolio and personnel. In addition to cloud services and IT infrastructure, Valtti offers all basic IT services as well as end-user services, together with consulting services related to client’s IT architecture or to cloud strategy.

"A new long-term growth strategy was created immediately after the ownership arrangement in early 2019. With the private equity investor we gained more leverage and the opportunity to invest in development", says Atte Kekkonen, CEO of Valtti.

Concrete implementation plan with Trailmaker

Valtti aims for a turnover of 100 million euros over the next four to six years. To accomplish this, the company needs a clear plan for determined progress.

With the help of Trailmaker, Valtti clarified a common vision of medium term goals and concrete tasks for implementing the strategy in next 12–24 months.

“The Trailmaker process is very efficient and pragmatic. We ensured a common view of what should be done right now. We also defined the critical factors in which we must succeed to be on the right track for the next two years”, says Kekkonen.

Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus, some development measures in Valtti will probably be postponed to the next quarter – although the future prospects are very good even in exceptional circumstances. A clear implementation path exists in Trailmaker's Management View allowing flexible changes to the implementation schedule.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility