Trailmaker-customer: uRecycle – The Multinational Recycling Concept Grows Fast

uRecycle Group Oy demonstrates strong growth in global portable and industrial battery recycling market. The company's turnover of 2018 was 4,5 million euros and estimated number for 2019 is 7 million euros. With Trailmaker, the uRecycle management created an ambitious growth strategy.

uRecycle is managing the growing battery material flows by offering a comprehensive portable and industrial battery recycling process to producers, industrial corporations and battery manufacturers.The company has won over multiple global customers.

“Our targeted markets are in the fast growth phase, as energy is being stored more and more along time”, says Kari Raivio, CEO of uRecycle. “At the moment, we use one kilogram of batteries per person in Finland - in the Netherlands the corresponding number is already up to 5 kilograms”, he states.

uRecycle utilized Trailmaker to clarify their strategy and to ensure focus during a strong growth phase. Management practices and company structure were sharpened.

”We are in the middle of negotiations with capital investor about financing our growth. From Trailmaker process we got a feasible strategy and to do -lists how to execute it”, says Raivio.

Raivio thanks the intensive take on strategy that Trailmaker has. Good questions and fasilitators that put their minds into the process resulted in an efficient strategy work.

”Trailmaker is a good concept to form a strong common view within a company. We had the answers, but needed the right questions and project follow-up”, says Raivio.


TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility