Toroidion – from a concept to cleantech

Toroidion is a supercar known to Finns from the magnificent photos. The company is founded in 2011, and its goal is to develop and export a completely new concept of electrical powertrain, and win the famous Le Mans 24 h race.

Last year Toroidion won KasvuOpen, a national competition for growth-oriented companies, and was rewarded with Trailmaker strategy concept facilitation. ”Trailmaker is by far the most important, useful and valuable from all prizes and rewards we have so far received. In many events you get applauds and praise, but with Trailmaker we got practical concreteness. It’s the most important value for us in the future”, says Pasi Pennanen, founder and CEO of Toroidion.

Toroidion went through Trailmaker in the beginning of 2016. “Everything affects everything. We accomplished finalizing our plans and the logbook and also started our financing round. Our goal is Toroidion’s industrialization”, outlines Pennanen. Toroidion is also the only Finnish company in Nordic Cleantech Open 2016 finals, competing for the nomination of the best Nordic Cleantech company. “It’s of course nice to be a nominee, but for us concreteness is essential”, concludes Pennanen.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility