Panu Kallio joins Trailmaker as Senior Executive Consultant

Trailmaker is delighted to welcome Panu Kallio as a Senior Executive Consultant. Kallio served OP Financial Group as SVP, Rural Entrepreneurs and Forest Owners for ten years, and led the turnaround of Tapio Group as CEO. Panu Kallio brings vast business expertise to Trailmaker, including from the cooperatives sector.

With a career in top management and over 10 years of board experience, Kallio knows the pitfalls of strategy execution and he’s keenly aware of the value of Trailmaker’s concept.

“Trailmaker is focused on a very important issue, which is ensuring there’s a common view when it comes to strategy execution. There’s often a misreading by top management that a common view has been reached, when in fact it hasn’t.

“It’s a recurring theme and one which costs time and money. There’s a presumption among the executing management that everyone understands strategy execution in the same way because we did the planning together, but often no one checks that there is a common view. Trailmaker understands this and sets out with customers to achieve this alignment.

“As an execution partner, Trailmaker has a big, positive impact on corporations and private equity. When you improve organisations of that size and magnitude, you not only save them money but create benefits for the whole global economy.

“I’m excited to join a team of outstanding professionals at Trailmaker and I hope I can help improve Trailmaker even further.”

Panu Kallio holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics (1991) from the University of Helsinki and a PhD in Agricultural Economics (1997) from Purdue University in the United States.