Juhani Elomaa appointed as Trailmaker’s Senior Advisor

Top level finance and management professional Juhani Elomaa has been appointed as Trailmaker’s Senior Advisor. Elomaa has been the CEO of publicly listed asset management and financing corporation Taaleri Oyj. Currently he is the Vice Chairman of the Board at Taaleri Oyj. Elomaa is also one of the founding partners of Taaleri.

At first Elomaa became acquainted with Trailmaker in the role of a customer at Taaleri Oyj. He became convinced of the concept's feasibility as a strategy execution tool from its concretism and transparency.

“Corporate strategies are broad and large-scale, which means there is often a gap between planning and execution. Things become difficult when the focus is in both complex and simple things at the same time”, Elomaa says. “With Trailmaker, companies can achieve a common view and ensure their strategy is concrete enough to be communicated to all their employees”, he states.

Juhani Elomaa has earlier worked as a member of Sampo Bank management team as well as head of Mandatum Private Banking. He is a Master of Social Sciences from University of Turku and eMBA.

We are looking forward to fruitful co-operation. A warm welcome to the Trailmaker's team, Juhani!