Trailmaker customer: All-Rounders continues its strong growth

All-Rounders Group, which provides logistics and cleaning services, is growing strongly. The company, founded in 2012, had a turnover of 9.6 million € last year. All-Rounders has used Trailmaker to sharpen the growth strategy and its concrete implementation.

All-Rounders provides cleaning and logistics services. The company’s five founding shareholders are the descendants of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, who co-founded the company by first renting their own expertise and then cleaning up the buses. Today the company employs about 250 people both directly and through staffing.

The result of the logistics business has turned positive due to growth, and the operating result of the entire group is five percent. The company strives for a stable result and also for significant growth.

“In recent years, we have strengthened the management team and hired professional directors for both the cleaning and logistics businesses. We have also otherwise clarified the roles in the company”, says Mayuran Kamalanathan, CEO of All-Rounders Group Oy.

Trailmaker is used to create a more focused strategy and to ensure its implementation

 With the help of Trailmaker, the company has clarified its strategy for a period of five years. The concept strongly guides the measures to achieve the goals.

“Trailmaker helped us set goals and work together to reflect and structure everything we do. We used to do a little bit of everything, but now we have gone through our strengths. With Trailmaker, we ensure that we monitor and strengthen them in the future.”

The process helped to clarify the tasks and define concrete milestones. The Trailmaker Management View is a strategic to-do list that is easy to follow on a regular basis.

“We entrepreneurs are involved in many things in our company and we do a lot ourselves. Trailmaker helps to guide concrete action toward the goals set in the strategy. In the management team, we regularly review where everyone goes in their area of ​​responsibility. Some of the milestones have already turned green”, rejoices Kamalanathan.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility