Trailmaker-customer: Neste Engineering Solutions plays an important role in implementing Neste's ambitious strategy

Neste Corporation aims at strengthening its leading position in renewable fuels, while at the same time broadening its markets to aviation, polymers and chemicals. The ambitious strategy highlights the importance of Neste Engineering Solutions, a subsidiary of Neste. Neste Engineering Solutions uses Trailmaker to ensure that its strategic plans are executed promptly.

Neste Engineering Solutions offers technology, engineering and project management services for Neste and selected other customers. The company is targeting a major transformation, increasing competence and capacity to support innovation and execute large, international investment projects.

"Neste Engineering Solutions has two main roles in executing the Neste strategy. We have an important role in scaling up and commercializing innovations related to new products and new raw materials. We are also responsible for executing plant investment projects within Neste", says Patrick von Essen, Managing Director of Neste Engineering Solutions.

Race against time

The implementation of the strategy is urgent because the world is running out of time to combat climate change. Success at Neste Engineering Solutions requires flexible operating models, taking project expertise to the next level and stronger and wider geographical networks.

The Neste Engineering Solutions’s long term plan was approved and launched in October 2019. The next step is to translate the long term plan into concrete, measurable actions for everyone in the organization. Trailmaker has helped to mark out the strategic path.

"In the beginning, we created a common understanding of the priorities and what needs to happen in order to reach our goals. Towards the end of the process, we got more and more concrete about the actions and metrics of implementation."

During the process, the long term goals were turned into concrete actions, each with a measurable outcome, a responsible person and a deadline.

"In other words, we were able to move from "what" and "where" to "who", "how" and "when".

"The most valuable outcome of the process was that the management team’s understanding and alignment with the long term strategy increased considerably", says von Essen.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility