Trailmaker customer Veolia leads climate change initiative

Veolia is leading a high-profile climate change programme initiated by the Valencian government. The programme is administrated by Distrito Digital, a Valencian technology cluster consisting of multinational corporations and technology companies. With the major role of Veolia in the project, Head of Open Innovation Ramón Lopez is leading the development of the new public–private initiative. Trailmaker brought a standardised and transparent approach to strategy execution and worked closely with Ramon and his team.

The goal of the climate change programme is to activate shared solutions and new business collaboration to combat climate change. Organisations within the programme are offered a structured collaboration platform and a business infrastructure by Distrito Digital, a technological hub which is home to 200 companies and technological entities.

“The climate change programme is a very important initiative because we are creating and managing a wide ecosystem of partners involved in climate change actions,” says Ramón. “The challenge is to find a common view of focus, priorities and actions, because we are many different parties starting this programme together.”

Trailmaker helps form common view on strategy and execution

Trailmaker, Ramón explains, was contracted to help with strategy and execution, and to identify the parties responsible for each action. “We wanted to ensure that all players had a single understanding of the initiative and the goals we wanted to reach,” he says.  

Another of the challenges faced by the climate change programme was identifying the capabilities – or “resources” – required, says Ramon. “We began the initiative with specific resources that were sufficient for executing strategy on a short-term basis,” he explains, but through the Trailmaker process “the team came to an agreed view that the existing capabilities would not be enough to achieve the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem.” 

Looking ahead, Ramon highlights the significance of the climate change programme and how far the initiative has come. “I think perhaps initially there was some disagreement or misalignment, but now we have a common view of our direction. Extreme weather events like flooding, heavy storms, and droughts directly impact Valencia and it is very important that all stakeholders work together to mitigate and remediate climate change.” 


TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:
• Concrete common view and commitment
• Identified capability needs
• Visibility