Trailmaker customer CapMan aims at growth in wealth management

CapMan acquired JAM Advisors Oy in 2019. JAM Advisors’ two businesses, wealth management and reporting, are operated separately starting August 2020. From now on, CapMan Wealth Services (CWS) specializes in wealth management and JAY Solutions concentrates on reporting solutions.

In every moment of major change there is a momentum that must be captured fast. CapMan's CEO Joakim Frimodig sees that the rapid and convincing start of the new business is the key to success.

“The development of specialized high value-add services and the expansion of the customer base are important parts of CapMan’s strategy. CapMan’s objective is to grow wealth management services significantly, now with very scalable solutions also to new client segments”, says Frimodig.

A completely new kind of comprehensive wealth management service offers clients access to the best investment products and a broad understanding of the overall situation of the investor.

CWS offers access to the best public and private managers and instruments, without biases. The House View, a curated assessment of the world of financial markets, is at the centre of the service. Equally essential parts are advanced reporting and analytics as well as visualisation of wealth.

Fast start in the right direction

As the separate CWS business begins, CapMan wants to make the most of the momentum of change. A quick start is seen as paramount.

“It’s important that the new organization and operations are quickly visible in everyday life, and things start to happen differently than before”, Frimodig says.

Christian Borgstöm, Managing Partner of CWS, also stresses the need to get moving rapidly. There is a huge demand for the services and customers are already waiting.

“The sooner we get our deck in order, the faster we’ll be able to meet the needs of our customers. In this situation, we cannot do everything at once – we have to do the right things in the right order”, Borgström emphasizes.

A concrete plan for the coming years

During summer of 2020, CWS finalized its vision. There were plenty of ideas, but a systematic approach and structure was lacking.

“With Trailmaker, we built a concrete plan to implement the strategy for the coming years. The Trailmaker process and the external perspective of the facilitator forced us to discuss things together and also made clear to us what kind of competencies we need to strengthen”, Frimodig says.

Borgström's expectations were exceeded for both the Trailmaker process and Traimaker Management View.

“Now we have a concrete tool that brings the big picture to all of us. All key people can follow how things are progressing and what happens next.”

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility