Trailmaker-customer: PRT-Forest – Systematically managed corporation

The systematic strategy work of Finnish PRT-Forest corporation is starting to pay off. Mika Rytky, CEO and Chairman of the Board of corporation’s subsidiaries sees the big picture as manageable entity when daily work is clearly directed by the corporate strategy. The Management View shows all the different phases of the execution process.

PRT-Forest corporation’s subsidiaries are Kontiotuote Oy, Jukkatalo Oy, Piklas Oy, Mellano Oy and Lappli-Talot Oy. The corporation is responsible for governance and financing, but each subsidiary has its own board and management. Therefore it’s important to see the whole picture.

”My role in PRT-Forest's and its subsidiaries’ boards requires ability to manage the whole entity. It’s important to have understanding of the business environment, competition, critical success factors and competencies of your own company. What is more, you need to be able to evaluate your subsidiaries’ ability to execute the chosen strategy”, says Rytky.

Trailmaker helps to keep the focus on the big picture

With TRAILMAKER concept, PRT-Forest’s board, management team and subisidiaries created a strategy and a common view. In a multiple subsidiary corporation it was crucial that Trailmaker provided a tool to combine all subsidiaries into one Management View tool.

“We can easily see subsidiaries’ situations when all of them have been evaluated through the same process. In our board meetings, it’s easy to keep track of the subsidiaries' success with Trailmaker's Management View", says Rytky.

"The tool makes it easy for the management team to prioritize the areas that need extra attention”, he says.

Supportive work between board and CEO

Rytky says his role as a conversation partner and mentor of CEOs is important and enjoyable. His diverse board experiences have produced wisdom that supportive co-operation with CEOs gives the best results. The board meeting day has to be CEO's best workday.

“When a CEO leaves the meeting full of enthusiasm the tasks that have been agreed with the board will be done. The board needs to earn CEO’s respect and the meetings really need to add something to their work”, Rytky concludes his experiences.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility