Trailmaker-customer: Forest giant Stora Enso builds technology partnerships

Stora Enso seeks mutually beneficial partnerships with technology companies. The target isto strengthen competitive edge, and to develop innovations and new businesses. Stora Enso has used Trailmaker for defining concrete milestones for the co-operationand testing the capability of the potential partner. Trust, motivation and the will to work together form a solid base for a partnership.

Stora Enso seeks partnerships which benefit both parties. The corporation is very appealing customer and partner especially for many technology companies. Stora Enso is known as an active and fair companion, and its systemic work with multiple smaller companies is praiseworthy.

”We think that the technology companies we work with are able to find good customers. They all also have great business ideas and can prove that their ideas work. When we notice companies capable to grow, we can scan co-operation possibilities together”, says Hannu Korhonen, Stora Enso’s Chief Strategy Officer.  

New innovations and new businesses

Stora Enso has two start up programs which have generated multiple successes. In the newest Accelerator -program they innovate and develop renewable products and solutions for circular economy. Combient Foundry Venture Client -program searches for new ways to utilize growing technologies such as AI, augmented reality, Big Data, IoT, robotics and sensor technology.

The goal of partnerships is always to add value – competitive edge, new innovations and business functions. Korhonen emphasizes how the added value can be of many kind. ”We’re looking for the type of know-how we don’t have in our divisions. In turn, we provide our global capabilities and networks”, says Korhonen.

“The co-operation can sharpen our competitive edge or create new products to our existing ecosystems. It can also trigger a creation of a whole new ecosystem.”

Korhonen reminds how requirements for a successful partnership are shared goals and principles.

“With Trailmaker process we were able to find alignment and common view of the partnership. We will continue our negotiations based on this work”, says CSO Korhonen.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Designed for top and executing management 

• Forms concrete common view and commitment to execution

Tests execution capability

• Brings transparency