Trailmaker customer Lamor transforms and scales up to tap international growth opportunities

In 2022, Environmental solutions provider Lamor contracted Trailmaker to help with strategy execution. The company faces expansion challenges after winning a series of contracts for large-scale projects.

Lamor (Larsen Marine Oil Recovery) is a leading global provider of equipment for oil recovery, water treatment and waste management. It also provides clean-up and preparedness services for oil spills and treatment of waste and water. Incorporated in 1982 and headquartered in Finland, Lamor is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

According to Timo Koponen, Lamor’s CFO, the company is seeing very strong growth at present. “We are going through a massive transformation, moving from a focus on equipment delivery to services and projects. This requires new skill sets and global teamwork,” he says.

Lamor has gained momentum in recent years by winning contracts for mega projects and Timo Koponen says that growth is coming “on the service delivery side”.

Trailmaker helps Lamor achieve common understanding

The company’s strategy, says Koponen, is to become the world’s leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions, with Lamor’s management assessing the overall target market potential for the next few years could go up to approximately EUR 30 billion.

But Lamor faces typical challenges in execution, particularly given the international nature of the expansion.

“Everyone needs to have the same understanding of our growth path and requirements,” says Koponen, “but that’s hard to achieve, especially when it comes to understanding what are our priorities and timelines.”

“We worked with Trailmaker to break the strategy down to ensure colleagues at every level would share a common view. Initially, I would say strategy execution could be characterised as great initiatives but without clear ownership and priorities.”

“It’s obvious that Trailmaker helped us gain traction in our strategy execution, which is critical for ensuring we tap into the growth opportunities and manage expansion across our target markets,” he says.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for fasterstrategy execution:

 • Concrete common view and commitment

 • Identified capability needs

 • Visibility