Trailmaker-customer: CapMan Growth invested in Finnish cyber security technology

CapMan invested in Arctic Security Oy – a company specialized in global cyber security defence systems. The technology on the basis of the company was born years ago in Oulu-based data security firm called Codenomicon Oy. Now Arctic Security grows as an independent company. CapMan’s investment is first new of CapMan Growth Equity fund, which was founded late last year.

”We invest from this fund to companies that have passed the early start-up phase. This way owners can keep accelerating the growth of their companies when it’s not yet the right time to sell. Together we bring the company to the next level and the entrepreneur still has power in the decision making”, says CapMan Group Partner Juha Mikkola, who is responsible for the fund.

The investors in Growth Equity fund consist of mainly private investors whose backgrounds are in entrepreneurship among a few institutions. Many of the private entrepreneurs themselves have been successful because CapMan has been their partner in funding and knowledge.

“We have long history together and trust in the fund team. The investors’ role is to be advisors and to actively partake in the company development”, says Mikkola.

Strong growth in Finland

”Finland has extremely great reputation globally, and we have highly educated talent in both cyber security and programming development. Our year has begun outstandingly, our customers have reacted positively to the changes and been excited about the funding. In a short time we have gained new international customers. At the moment we are recruiting in Finland as well as around the world”, says Arctic Security CEO David Chartier.

CapMan Growth brings 86 million euros of growth funding to growth companies. This funding is placed between venture capital and buyout funding.

Trailmaker as an Execution Due Diligence

The willingness and resources for growth are in crucial criteria when CapMan searches and analyses investment possibilities. CapMan used Trailmaker-process in the due diligence phase of Arctic Security as a tool to test the future growth path and management competency.

“Trailmaker was involved in the process before making the investment decision. With Trailmaker we made a plan and divided it into detailed goals and tasks. Now the plan is a base for both operative and board work”, tells Mikkola.

CapMan Partner Mikkola has utilized Trailmaker already before this project. He appreciates its speed and concrete take on strategy.

”Trailmaker is not a philosophical exercise but a concrete to do -guide. This guide tells what has to be done and in which time frame. The plan helps to accelerate growth and land funding.”

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility