Korona Invest

Trailmaker customer: Korona Invest and Leanware towards strong growth

Leanware Oy aims for strong growth. The software company, owned by Korona Invest, aims for organic growth in addition to acquisitions. A concrete implementation path for the growth strategy and management's common view of strategy execution are ensured with the help of Trailmaker.

Leanware Oy is a software house specializing in information systems for commerce, manufacturing and logistics, with customers in Finland, Europe, China and Brazil. The company's turnover in the financial year ended in 2020 was over 10 million euros, and the management expects double-digit growth in 2021. 

“Our customers are now investing heavily in streamlining operations to maintain their competitiveness and growth in the global market. As a partner, we are able to provide them with real added value”, says Ville Keskinen, CEO of Leanware Oy.

Growth is sought both through acquisitions and organic growth. The goals are pursued, among other things, by developing SaaS services and investing in customer-oriented sales.

“Leanware is one of the leading warehouse software provider in Nordic. In order to achieve our growth goals, the management has reorganized the key functions and the company has strengthened its offering with add-ons in supply chain management to further improve the customers profitability”, says Pasi Lehtinen, CEO of Korona Invest.

Trailmaker ensures the systematic implementation of the strategy

Trailmaker ensures that the implementation of the strategy proceeds as planned and that the strategy is based on a common view. Trailmaker has convinced the Leanware management as its systematic approach helps to focus on the right things.

“Through the Trailmaker process, we formed a common view and clarified the strategy implementation plan. With Trailmaker, we got a clear visual plan, which is an important tool for the management and strongly guides daily tasks”, says Keskinen.

The Trailmaker Management View guides each member of the management team to work on key tasks and toward a common direction – the focus is on the most important things. 

“Thanks to Trailmaker, we were able to cut out unnecessary tasks. Management is much easier when the view for one to two years is clear and tasks are prioritized. Trailmaker helps to ensure that the planned tasks are completed according to the agreed schedule”, says Lehtinen.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility