Trailmaker customer Boreo drives increased customer orientation at Yleiselektroniikka

Boreo PLC brought in Trailmaker to work on strategy execution with Yleiselektroniikka Suomi Oy, a company within its electronics division. The core objective of the cooperation with Trailmaker was to increase Yleiselektroniikka’s customer focus and operational excellence.

Boreo is a growth company that owns, acquires and develops B2B businesses in Northern Europe. Its operations are divided into electronics, technical trade and heavy industry business operations. In 2021, Boreo made €146.5M in sales. The group employs over 400 people across the Nordics and Baltics and is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.

Earlier this year, Boreo turned to Trailmaker to help strengthen customer-centricity at Yleiselektroniikka in a strategic change that also focused on improving purchasing convenience for customers and customer engagement. Yleiselektroniikka is a technical distributor of electronic components and measurement equipment for industrial needs in Finland.

Boreo’s companies, such as Yleiselektroniikka, are independent and the role of Boreo is to support the development of its companies strategically and operatively. Tomi Sundberg, SVP of Electronics & Operational Excellence at Boreo, says that the strategic change happening at Yleiselektroniikka can be boiled down to the fact that “the competitive landscape has changed to become more international and the role of national distributor is getting tougher.”

Market changes precipitate strategic change

According to Sundberg, customer focus has been strengthened in recent times at Yleiselektroniikka, but to fully tap opportunities the company must do more to improve the purchasing experience for customers. Sundberg says it also needs to expand the service models that customers are offered.

The electronic component distributor plans to grow through digital channels, he says, and to “shift from being a traditional operation focused on technical knowledge and competence” to one which “provides a more key account management approach to customer engagement.”

Trailmaker concept to be used across group companies

Working with Trailmaker, he says, was a first for Boreo but it provides a “game plan” for other group companies. “To reach the targets that Yleiselektroniikka has set requires increased focus on our strengths and this was one of the main things we worked on with Trailmaker.

“It was essential to get ‘buy-in’ from top management in order to form a common view of execution and form a concrete view of the capabilities that were needed.” The Trailmaker concept, says Sundberg, was “significant help when it came to the matter of alignment.”

He also notes that getting everyone on the same page at Yleiselektroniikka is very important if the company is to achieve fast renewal and provide new offerings. According to Sundberg, Trailmaker saved Yleiselektroniikka time and brought needed expertise to the table during a critical stage of the company’s journey. “We are now using our resources in the right way,” he says.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for fasterstrategy execution:

 • Concrete common view and commitment

 • Identified capability needs

 • Visibility