Trailmaker-customer: Taaleri. Fintoil builds a 100 M€ greenfield biorefinery mill in Hamina

Fintoil will build a crude tall oil refinery in the port of Hamina. Fintoil will invest more than 100 M€ in the plant. Trailmaker ensures a clear, viable strategy for the company and its systematic implementation in practice.

The Fintoil biorefinery is planned and built between 2020 and 2021 and will start operations in 2022. Fintoil will become the world's fourth largest crude tall oil refinery – target turnover for the start year 2022 is 137 M€.

"The project involves a good team of highly skilled experts. Everyone has a strong ambition to make a good project and well functioning plant and get the processes running smoothly", says John Lindahl, Chairman of the Board.

The biorefinery refines crude tall oil, a by-product of the softwood pulp industry, for biofuel production and for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. The planning of the refinery is underway and operational key personnel of the company will take up their duties by the end of February.

Systematic Trailmaker supports the project

Trailmaker was used to test Fintoil's business plan. After all the executives have taken up their duties, the Trailmaker process will be redone from an operational perspective.

"With Trailmaker, we have made sure that we have taken all things into consideration when developing our business plan and that we are doing the right things in the right order", says Juhani Elomaa, Member of the Board.

"Everything that helps systematic project work is of paramount importance. Trailmaker has brought clarity and systematics to strategy work and made the strategy process extremely smooth", says Lindahl.

The implementation of the strategy is assured by Trailmaker's Management View, which is also an active tool for the board to monitor the implementation of the strategy. This ensures that the strategy is implemented as planned.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

- Concrete common view and commitment

- Identified capability needs

- Visibility