Trailmaker customer: Sponsor Capital. Nepton and Likeit are joining forces

At the end of 2020, Likeit and Nepton merged to form a strong software group providing SaaS services for HR, work management, financial management and analytics. The Finnish private equity company Sponsor Capital joined the group as an owner to support the strong growth. Trailmaker process was utilized to ensure rapid start of cooperation and strong common view between the management and private equity investor.

Both Likeit and Nepton have grown quickly and profitably, the combined 2020 group revenue reached approximately 8 million euros. The services offered by the group are used daily by more than 110 000 people in Finland and Northern Europe. The new company employs over 50 experienced experts.

Joint services lead to growth

Likeit is a provider of SaaS and financial administration services for labor-intensive sectors. Nepton is Finland's most recommended SaaS provider for working time monitoring. Both companies are also known for their HR solutions and shift planning services. Both Nepton and Likeit see that the merger brings significant growth opportunities – a new joint service offering is currently being built.

“We seek wider shoulders from the merger. It is through synergy that we cangrow, because in cooperation we can offer our customers a wider entity andreally strong expertise” says Jukka Kivistö, CEO of Nepton.

“Likeit has now a stronger position to start offering services to newindustries, which is strategically important to us. Together with Nepton, weare able to offer comprehensive service and unified user experience to ourcustomers” says Kaj Rintala, CEO of Likeit and the new Likeit NeptonGroup.

Trailmaker speeds up execution and helps to avoid one wasted year

The growth expectations of the new company are high. According to Likeit Nepton Group’s Chairman of the Board, Jussi Seppälä from SponsorCapital, the intention is to continue with double-digit growth rates. From the investor's point of view, achieving and committing to goals always requires clarification of common view. This alignment was created with the help of Trailmaker.

“The most important thing for success is that sufficient time is spent on joint discussion. A common vision of opportunities, goals, expectations and executing the strategy is highly important. The Trailmaker process brings structure to the decision making, thus making the whole exercise more efficient” Seppälä says. 

With the help of Trailmaker, the management of Likeit Nepton Group ensures an efficient and controlled start – priorities and concrete steps to implement the strategy have been decided together. The Trailmaker process led the management systematically move forward in the discussion and make decisions about the right things.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility