Trailmaker customer: Metso Outotec seeked to capitalise on momentum

Metso Minerals and Outotec merged in 2020 to form Metso Outotec. Headed by Pekka Vauramo, the giant in mining, aggregates and metals refining operates in over 50 countries and recorded €5.3B in sales in 2022. The company is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

President and CEO Vauramo says that it was very important for Metso Outotec to capitalise on the momentum created by the merger. Merger synergies were achieved faster than planned and ahead of schedule and the new combined offering is delivering growth and value. “We exceeded our results by 30-40% in terms of cost savings,” he comments.

Metso Outotec is focusing on four areas of strategic priorities, says Vauramo: a performance culture in the company, sustainability, customer success, and financial performance. In the coming years, the direction of Metso Outotec will also be marked by a shift from project to product focus, along with greater concentration on the aftermarket business.

“Trailmaker’s strategy creation and implementation process was involved in one business line in Metso Outotec,” explains Vauramo. “We wanted to go after opportunities in a more effective way and Trailmaker was seen as part of that puzzle,” he says.

For Vauramo, the main benefits of the Trailmaker process have been creating commitment in the business line organisation and clearly defining the responsibilities. He contrasts this with his experience that “very often strategies create actions that are not either understandable or actionable.”

Trailmaker also established the follow-up for reaching these business line results. “There is a great deal of transparency about how we are progressing,” he says.

“In general, strategies may fail in the implementation phase,” says Vauramo. “A company can have many plans but if people don’t see it as exciting and challenging in the right way, it can be difficult to get the commitment the company needs.” “If it’s not well grounded in the organisation, people start to change direction,” he says.


TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility