Trailmaker customer: Metsä Tissue reaches towards Cleaner Everyday

Metsä Tissue is one of the leading tissue paper suppliers in Europe to households and professionals and one of the leading greaseproof paper suppliers globally. The core of Metsä Tissue’s strategy is sustainability, efficiency and local presence. Trailmaker was used for ensuring a rapid implementation of the strategy. 

Metsä Tissue’s annual turnover is 1 billion euros and the company employs 2,500 people. Metsä Tissue’s brands are Lambi, Serla, Mola, Tento, Katrin and SAGA. The company is a part of Metsä Group, a Finnish forest industry group that operates in international markets.

“We have a unique value chain from forest fibers to tissue production. We are the only producer who has a direct link to the raw material source, sustainably managed Northern forests”, says Mariusz Jedrzejewski, Senior Vice President at Metsä Tissue.

Metsä Tissue has nine mills in five countries, Finland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden, which makes it a major local operator. The local manufacturing makes the logistics efficient and helps Metsä Tissue to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and transportation needs.

Trailmaker makes strategy manageable

The five regions of Metsä Tissue are responsible for putting the strategy to practice.

The success of Metsä Tissue strategy execution is highly dependent on the strong common view within the regions and the head office. Trailmaker was invited to ensure a concrete common view and make the implementation of the strategy fast and smooth.

“The strategy must be about real activity instead of just a title or plans – that’s how it will come to life“, Jedrzejewski says. 

“Thanks to their very structured approach we were able to align our strategy execution activity in a very short time. We could slice this big elephant into pieces which are truly manageable and understandable for everyone. I think by using Trailmaker we saved at least half a year”, says Jedrzejewski.

All the milestones and actions can be easily followed up in the Trailmaker Management View.

“The web-based tool we are using now is very useful and simple. We can really follow up the execution of the strategy in all levels of the company”,  Jedrzejewski concludes. 


TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility