Trailmaker customer: Luhta Sportswear Company’s Icepeak brand into post covid growth

Luhta Sportswear Company’s Icepeak brand aims for strong growth through a new organizational structure and strategy. The Trailmaker process was utilized to ensure a strong common view for the whole team of the needed focus and priorities towards 2025.

Luhta is one of the largest textile companies in theNordic countries. The Icepeak brand offers a smart choice for technical outdoor sportswear and footwear, used by the whole family. Icepeak is sold in its own retail stores and trade channels in Europe. The online store was opened in Finland in 2020.

“We have made big changes. The organizational structure has been changed to increase the category focus. The digitalization has long been of paramount importance and with covid pandemic, meeting the customer online has become even more important”, says Panu Suominen, Division Director, Active Sport.

Trailmaker ensures a common vision and concrete implementation path for the strategy

The new organization and ambitious strategy responds not only to the digitalization but also to the megatrends of responsibility, as well as well-being and exercising outdoors.

Icepeak is dedicated to catching the growth opportunities. With the help of Trailmaker, a common vision and the concrete path for the implementation were formed and the resources were secured.

“Icepeak has grown extremely strongly in the last decade and has become the top outdoor and ski brand in the European market. To continue the growth a renewed strategy was needed. Trailmaker’s process efficiently and effectively combined top management strategic guidelines into operational key activities”, says Juha Luhtanen, CEO of Luhta Sportswear Company. 

Suominen appreciates the efficient process that helped to combine the expertise and views of the entire business management team in a very short time.

“The most important thing is to create movement and action and thus ensure that the strategy is put into practice. Thanks to Trailmaker, we formed a common focus and agreed on the key actions that will take us through the change. The Trailmaker process was very effective and the outcome is very valuable to us”, says Suominen.


TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility