Trailmaker customer Fimpec Group seeks growth in a transforming market

Fimpec Group was formed in 2021 after the consolidation of companies in the sectors of energy, engineering, and project management. The parent company’s new growth strategy sees brand and operations integrated to maximise resources and expertise. Trailmaker was brought in to help form a concrete common view of the strategy execution.

Fimpec Group specialises in project management and engineering. Through its business units and subsidiaries, the company provides consultants for major investment projects in the industrial and energy sectors. It is also an expert in real estate and infrastructure. In 2021, turnover stood at €31 million. The Group employs more than 350 people in Finland and abroad.

Frans Jokinen, Director of Development, says the company has seen strong growth in recent years and the strategic objective is to grow more internationally in the coming years under the new unified brand. He says that the new Fimpec Group wants to distinguish itself as a modern leader in traditional sectors that are developing rapidly.

Having tripled turnover in three years, Fimpec Group is now “aiming at turnover of €50 million and the best talent in the industry,” in the next few years, according to a company brief. The Baltic countries, Sweden, Germany, and South America are highlighted as particular markets of interest, in addition to the home market of Finland.

Alongside project exports, Fimpec Group is seeking growth directly from foreign customers. Currently, around one third of business comes from outside Finland, and in three to five years Fimpec hopes that share will have increased to around fifty per cent.

Trailmaker supports Fimpec Group’s global growth ambitions

According to Frans Jokinen, the reason Fimpec Group began working with Trailmaker was because “how we manage the company has been in flux since the new brand came into being, but we need to find a common view and visibility.

“We went through a strategy process in 2021 which was heavy, with lots of stakeholders involved,” he says.

“It was a new situation, with new colleagues from different backgrounds as we have grown evenly between acquisitions and organic growth. We got something out of it, but the glue was still missing.

“Once we brought in Trailmaker, the process felt easy. Trailmaker forced us to make decisions in a systematic way and we had to justify our assumptions.

“Now we’ve found alignment on key issues and our efforts are more focused. It was particularly important to achieve a common view about what we are best at and where we should invest our resources to accelerate our growth.”

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:
• Concrete common view and commitment
• Identified capability needs
• Visibility