Trailmaker customer CapMan: Insplan's growth leap requires new management practice

Insplan Oy, a nationwide electricity, lighting and telecommunications network expert, aims for significant growth with CapMan's support. A fivefold increase in turnover over the next five years will require new ways of organizing activities. Immediate start of the new strategy implementation will be ensured with the help of Trailmaker.

In Insplan, established in 2015, a strong growth has been successful with an entrepreneur-driven culture – it has grown into a company with a turnover of 4 million euros in five years. The growth target requires a new way of managing.

“Growth requires a professional management team. Increased competence level, new structure and clear responsibilities are the keys to success. We divide our sales operations into four areas in Finland in order to get closer to our customers”, lists Mika Seppänen, Insplan's founder and CEO.

Trailmaker enables a shared vision and rapid implementation of the strategy

In the culture of the small company, agility and conversation have played a key role. 

The same alignment is to be maintained as the company grows. After CapMan's investment, a common vision of the strategy was ensured with the help of Trailmaker.

CapMan has used Trailmaker in its portfolio companies to ensure rapid growth and concretize the implementation of the strategy. The Trailmaker process was new to Insplan's management.

“I was surprised by the functionality and efficiency of the concept. In three days, we made extensive strategic decisions together. The milestones created with Trailmaker ensure we do the right things during the next years. Precise steps clarify and speed up the concrete implementation of the strategy”, says Seppänen.

“The Trailmaker process is clear and structured. It involves management well, so Trailmaker is also an excellent concept to get to know the company and its people in charge while creating a common plan for the future”, says Antti Kummu, Chairman of the Board of Insplan and Partner of CapMan.

According to Kummu, the Trailmaker is well-suited also for small businesses because the process is not too heavy.

“A big part of Trailmaker’s value is that the work focuses on very concrete planning. It is valuable for the management that the process produces a concrete implementation path with concrete steps”, says Kummu.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility