Thomas Enckell becomes partner at Trailmaker

Thomas Enckell has been made a partner at Trailmaker. Thomas currently works as a senior executive consultant and is an expert in international business, change management and identifying competency gaps. He joined Trailmaker in 2019 after a career spanning two decades in international executive positions.

Thomas’ long professional history includes extensive management experience on the consumer business side for multinational companies, such as Fiskars, Hackman and Iittala. He has been a management team member in publicly listed corporations and held board memberships in the portfolio companies of capital investors.

Enckell sees plenty of opportunities for Trailmaker to grow as the company continues to mature and says that his long career leaves him convinced of this.

“The Trailmaker concept for strategy execution has been proven in over 300 customer projects. It creates a holistic and broad common view in rapid time, including capability requirements.

“Execution requires true commitment from complete management teams and key people across the organisation. At least the same amount of effort should go into strategy execution as the creation of the strategy, but that’s not always the case.

“Research, along with personal experience, has shown me that most strategies don’t proceed at the intended pace. One reason for this is that a strong common view has not been reached. Typically, top management perceives the strategy to be clear, but the reality usually shows that there are plenty of unclarities and different interpretations, as well as mixed views on the pace required.

“In my work at Trailmaker, we impress upon management how essential it is that teams make decisions together. Broad participation is needed to avoid silos. When people feel that they are working towards strategic goals that have been set together, a corporate culture is created with a sense of togetherness and a spirit of getting things done.

“A strategy execution process managed by Trailmaker ensures a robust common view and makes the required changes concrete. The bottom line is it speeds up strategy execution.”

In recent feedback interviews our customers perceive that on average they have been able to increase the speed of execution by 12 months.