Trailmaker-customer: LTP Group strengthens position in food logistics with Vaaka Partners’ support

LTP Group, a pioneer in temperature-controlled logistics services, has grown into a strategically managed company with strongly customer-driven operations. With the updated strategy, the company is determined to gain further growth and profitability.

LTP Group has a unique offering of logistics services to food producers, wholesalers, retail outlets and shops.

“As we develop our services, everyone in the chain benefits from our work. In addition to our basic logistics service we also pick products, which enables the optimization of delivery batches resulting in cost savings and efficiency for the customer”, says CEO Matti Tuominen from LTP Group Oy.

”With us, even a small producer gets big logistics. At the same time, in the big picture,the carbon footprint of deliveries is greatly reduced.”

Strategy is an everyday tool

Partner of Vaaka Partners, Reijo Grönholm, says that Vaaka Partners is looking for growth companies with a strong market position and a clear position in the value chain. LTP Group meets these expectations - the market position is strong, and the company is truly generating value for the whole chain.

“LTP Group has strengthened its executive team and streamlined its operations during the past year. We have come up with a good strategy together and now it’s time to redeem and realize the opportunities”, says Grönholm.

The new strategy aims to increase customer benefits, launch new services, increase synergies and improve efficiency further. TRAILMAKER ensures that the new strategy is understood within the organization and its implementation becomes a daily activity.

During TRAILMAKER sessions where both management and board were present strategy was turned into concrete milestones.

“Our strategy is now clearly phased. In the TRAILMAKER process, we identified the flagship projects that will take us to our profitability goal when implemented”, says Tuominen.

“The tasks decided on the basis of a common view are clear and the execution has already started. Trailmaker’s concrete Management View is in active use. The first milestones are already turning green”, Tuominen says.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

- Concrete common view and commitment

- Identified capability needs

- Visibility