Trailmaker customer: FSN Capital owned eCraft targets fast growth

FSN Capital, the leading private equity investor in Northern Europe, acquired a majority stake in eCraft in late 2019. eCraft, now part of Fellowmind, is targeting to continue the rapid growth of its business from current revenue 45 million euros to 100 million by 2025. Trailmaker was used for forming common view of customer industry focus and roles and responsibilities, and also to tighten internal cooperation in the company.

eCraft offers companies comprehensive business systems and application development services: eCraft helps its customers to handle the masses of information created by their business through better business insight, process optimization and enhanced user experience.

“Many operators offer individual systems. Our core strategy is to be a holistic supplier and a partner in optimizing the business processes – we need to be able to put all systems together and tie our offerings together so that customers get the most out of our solutions”, says Ville Hemmilä, CEO of eCraft.

Trailmaker forced management to make decisions together

The Trailmaker process was carried out last fall. The need to invest specifically in certain industries became clearer in the process. According to Hemmilä, focusing on industries deepens the understanding of customer needs, so that eCraft can offer a different range of services for each industry.

Trailmaker brought common view of the  strategy and the implementation in practice. 

"Trailmaker’s structured way of going through the process fitted us perfectly. We had to explain and say things out loud which made many things clearer in the joint discussions. It was the wish of the management team that we could systematically and effectively review the strategy together and make a concrete implementation path to the future.”

eCraft has already undergone major changes since the Trailmaker process: for example the services have been renewed and the organizational change implemented so that important industry emphases are visible throughout the organization.

“We have systematically implemented the tasks defined in the process and already achieved some milestones. Our company now looks different to both ourselves and our customers and corresponds to our vision”, says Hemmilä. 

TRAILMAKER is a concept for faster strategy execution:

• Concrete common view and commitment

• Identified capability needs

• Visibility