Trailmaker welcomes Katja McLeod as Senior Executive Consultant

Katja McLeod has joined Trailmaker as a Senior Executive Consultant. McLeod has over 13 years of global experience in management consulting from a wide range of industries. Most recently she has worked as a Senior Manager at KPMG Global Strategy Group.

According to McLeod, she’s joining Trailmaker because it is meeting a business need in an inspiring way:

“When I first learnt about the Trailmaker concept I saw how this could have previously helped my clients in many strategic transformation projects. This concept is clear and proven to work. It enables corporations to hit the road running and avoid time-consuming pitfalls in their strategy and M&A related work.”

“Top management must have a common view on the direction of the corporation. Typically, this is understood in theory, but is not achieved fully in practice. Time is wasted when mis-alignment on priorities slows down and stalls strategy execution. I’ve seen that top management will often have a high-level agreement on strategy, but not a common view of concrete actions. Personally, I see the Trailmaker concept as a necessary bridge between the strategy creation and execution, and us as guides to minimise stalling.”

Katja McLeod has a Masters in Economics from the Helsinki School of Economics and has also studied at Murdoch University in Western Australia and the University of Sydney.