Timo Koponen joins Trailmaker as Senior Executive Consultant

Timo Koponen, an expert in strategic management and international business, is joining Trailmaker as Senior Executive Consultant. Koponen sees Trailmaker's process as an excellent concept for various strategic projects, M&A and new business ventures.

According to Koponen’s experience, best conditions for productive cooperation, results and decisions are created through open discussion.

“In strategy processes and decision-making in general, the most important things are open mindedness and the exchange of ideas where you can bring out different views and ask questions. This way everyone understands and has the ability to discuss backgrounds and available options”, says Koponen.

Trailmaker's process, which drives decision making and seeks to simplify even the most complex concepts also impressed Koponen.

“Strategies are often built too complex and high flying. There might be an idea of where we are headed, but the ladder is missing steps. In this way, the organisation doesn’t know what to prioritise or what should be done to achieve the goal”, he describes.

“In strategic projects, time is money. With the help of Trailmaker and its process and steps, implementation can start immediately. The customer knows exactly what to expect from the project. The intensive process has been successfully carried out hundreds of times, proving that it works.”

Koponen's background is in international management in the engineering industry. His most recent position was on Wärtsilä's Marine Business Management Team, where he was responsible for the business area Processing Solutions.

TRAILMAKER is a concept for strategy execution and execution due diligence:

• Concretizes and tests strategy execution through all business functions

• Concretizes and tests resources and competences needed in execution

• Creates a common view between management and owners in three days

• Forms a solid strategic management practice