Frank Korsström joins Trailmaker

Frank Korsström has been appointed as a Senior Advisor at Trailmaker. A high-profile public figure in Finland, Korsström led Accenture in the Nordics as its CEO from 2007 to 2020. He currently sits on the boards of multiple companies. 

According to Korsström, the secret to Trailmaker is that it’s tackling a problem that corporations face time and again.  

“Strategy execution fails because of lack of concrete common view. The top management buys into the strategy and thinks it’s self-evident that everyone else will follow. But there are misunderstandings, doubts, and different interpretations. In other words, things are not as clear as top management thinks. 

“When I heard about the concept and met the team at Trailmaker, it was very easy to decide that I wanted to join. Ensuring Finnish corporations get things done is something close to my heart. I see a clear need to make sure time isn’t wasted when executing strategy and that large transformations actually happen.”

Korsström has an MSc Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology and an MSc Economics and Business Administration from the Hanken School of Economics.