Five Watts Oy ready to conquer the world with their new LED solution

Five Watts Oy has developed a new type of LED illumination solutions to machinery and vehicles in forestry, mining, construction, agriculture etc. Artificial lightning enables working also when daylight is not sufficient. The problem has been insufficient output, unnatural and eye irritating colour and poor durability. The new kind of solution of Five Watts improves work safety and productivity: for example even one percent increase of a forestry vehicle productivity per day, means 15.000 € productivity increase in 4 years.

Thanks to strong product development and tested & proven solutions, Five Watts is now ready for growth and internationalization. To this significant transition the company decided to use Trailmaker’s concept to ensure practical execution of growth path plans. Currently Five Watts is working on ensuring the growth funding. Trailmaker’s logbook has been a valuable tool when communicating with eligible investors.

Feedback from the client:

- This process forces you to think logically and from a different ankle
- Very satisfied
- Extremely professional entirety
- I especially liked this being a turnkey deal. We could have put together something by ourselves, maybe, some day. But never this efficiently.
- Only 3 x 5 hours of our time and we got this whole packet!