Trailmaker is made for managing


Trailmaker is a modern concept for strategic management

  • Uniform vision between management and owners in 3 days
  • Ensures focus on executing strategy
  • Establishes a solid management practise


execution due diligence: testing and concretising the growth trail

Clarification of the strategic change. Growth and internationalization

Ownership arrangements and financing rounds

Where and when to use Trailmaker




Trailmaking takes only three dayofnmanagement'shtime. Using the e Management View is easy and fast.


Trailmaker concept consists of two parts:



Our certifiefacilitatorsnstreamlinezand concretize e the growth trail ijusts3 days.


Trailmakerer ManagemenViewew

Management View w is a tool for managing strategy execution. It is an easy-to-use platform for decision making in management teams anboardsofeedirectors. Trailmaker r Management View is also used for communicating strategic progress to financiers and other stakeholders.



Strategy. Execution. Common View.

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