Growth companies



TRAILMAKER speeds up financing round and starting cooperation with corporate clients


With the help of Trailmaker, a growth company can credibly describe how the growth trail is carried out  and where the invested resources will be allocated.


Use of Trailmaker communicates that the company is professionally managed.


Trailmaker is a modern concept for strategic management. Today more than 200 companies are using it.


  • Trailmaker uniforms the vision of company management and owners in just three days.
  • Trailmaker ensures focus on executing the strategy.
  • Trailmaker establishes a solid management practise.


Trailmaking takes only three days of management time, using the Management View is easy and fast.


Trailmaker concept consists of two parts: Trailmaking and Management View. Our certified facilitators streamline and concretize the growth trail in just 3 days.


Trailmaker Management View is a tool for managing strategy execution. It is an easy-to-use platform for decision making in management teams and boards of directors. Management View is also used for communicating strategic progress to financiers and other stakeholders.


At the moment we serve start-up customers through corporations or investors.


Trailmaker selects interesting growth companies for investors and corporate clients. Trailmaker streamlines the company strategy, establishes a solid management practise and introduces the company to best suited investors and partners.


Do you have a promising growth company? Read more about Trailmaker below.



execution due diligence: testing and concretising the growth trail

Clarification of the strategic change. Growth and internationalization

Ownership arrangements and financing rounds

Where and when to use Trailmaker




Trailmaker is used for speeding up the investor negotiations and corporate co- operation of the most potential growth companies.


In Trailmaker processs the companies are first streamlined and then matched with the most suitable investors. Trailmaker's investor pool includes the most significant Finnish growth sector investors, with investment potential of over 90000 M€. In addition of investors,  also significant Finnish corporations are in Trailmaker's pool.


We are looking for growth companies capable of moving forward in their business. Do you have an interesting growth company? Please contact Anne Kontula, tel. 0400 284 876,



Scalable solution for an international market need


  • Customers are ready to pay for the solution, international demand base
  • Solution is scalable through technology, service concept, etc


Committed and growth oriented management


  • Team with least 2 fulltime persons on board or in pipeline
  • Competence also in commercialization, ability to adapt professional management practises


Initial financial ability to operate


  • Team willing to take financial risk
  • Ability to raise at least 35.000 € (cash, loans, etc.)


Evidence of business progress


  • Customer or distributor contracts
  • Product or service ready for sales, ability to deliver



Strategy. Execution. Common View.

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