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VIP Investor Afternoon with Santander, Helsinki

Trailmaker Oy and Lexia Attorneys arranged a VIP-event for investors and partners. Heikki Manninen, Chairman of Trailmaker, opened the event pointing out that the state of competition and markets are currently challenging to both big and small operators. Read more >>


Trailmaker customer: Nordic Option & Bocap. Specim Oy grows by bringing value to brands and OEMs

Finnish Specim Oy, developing and marketing high-tech hyperspectral imaging devices and applications, aims to grow its business to the next strategic level. In 2017, company's turnover reached 12 M€, with 95% of volumes exported globally. The new strategic phase is accelerated by capital investments from Nordic Option and Bocap. Read more >>


Sentica. Chilit and G7Data, stronger together

In June 2016 Chilit and G7Data formed a considerable entity to Finnish ICT service market with the support of Sentica Partners. Clients and service range the companies supplement each other and form an adequately sized company to meet the market need. Read more >>


Where and when to use Trailmaker


execution due diligence: testing and concretising the strategy execution

clarification of strategic change. growth and internationalisation

ownership arrangements and financing rounds

Trailmaker is a modern concept for strategic management


financiers and corporations


TRAILMAKER-concept tests the feasibility of a company’s growth plans and the team's ability to execute the plan. Therefore several investment companies, private investors and corporations use Trailmaker as Execution DD.


  • When a new company enters the investment portfolio, Trailmaker ensures the company steering can be started immediately and that common view between management and owners is maintained.
  •  Trailmaker provides high quality deal flow to investors, financiers and corporations, filtered according to partner’s own selection criteria. All companies using Trailmaker are pursuing significant growth, internationalization and increase of cash flow and profit, so they often provide an interesting investment opportunity.




TRAILMAKER-concept ensures:


  • Uniform vision between management and owners in 3 days
  • Ensures focus on executing strategy
  • Establishes a solid management practise


Trailmaker speeds up the execution of strategic change in SMEs. (eg. managing growth, internationalization and generational handover and is increasingly used in financial negotiations.


growth companies


TRAILMAKER-concept speeds up negotiations with investors and co-operation with corporations.


We serve growth companies currently through  investors or corporations.


Trailmaker selects interesting growth companies for investors and corporate clients. Trailmaker streamlines the company strategy, establishes a solid management practise and introduces the company to best suited investors and partners.





Strategy. Execution. Common View.

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